Name: Grendel
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: We are a fighting company based off of old norse/viking caste system. The starting rank is a Thrall, then Bondi, and finally Jarl or Valkyrie.
History: Our company was founded as a fighting company and evolved into a extended family. The three founders were Sir Konrad of the Bull clan, Sir Liam Mc'Oi, and Sir Will O' Wisp. They founded the group and fathered the lines that continue to grow today.


Member Role Title
Adric Cuar Member Inactive
Agaria Foehammer Member Thrall
Aislinn Sheydra Member Thrall
Arkad Member Inactive
Armina Ulfur Member Inactive
Ayrwolfe the Strong Member Waiting in ValHalla
Bain Thunder Throw Member Bondi
Baronet Judex Stormborn Member Bondi
Baronet Lady Esquire Jagiquay Everdong Member High Konunger
Baronet Lord Gromal Finlay Member Elder
Baronet Puck Yo, Esquire Member Jarl
Baronet Squire Michael Drakewater Member Jarl
Berrian Charmcaster Member High Raven
Bjorn Badgerhart Member Inactive
Blakkr Freyr Fenrir Wolfsbane Member Jarl
Boo Member Inactive
Brodrin Fellhammer of Clan Badgerhart Member Inactive
Callisto Nightingale Member Thrall
Cardz Member Inactive
Chaka Shadowpaw Member Elder
Count Thorge Badgerhart M.D. Member Bondi
Countess Erewen Badgerhart Member Elder
Crimson Wolfstar Member Jarl
Domina Peruna Duveteux Member Inactive
Dragonlady Member Inactive
Dreadlord Wolfear Silverheart Member Bondi
Duran Cannon Member Jarl
DX Deathwaker Member Elder
D\'Artagnan The Red Wookiee Member Jarl
Ebolus Member Thrall
Enfys deVerell Member Inactive
Fenrir Owari Member Inactive
Footlong Member Inactive
Gandor Silkwurm Glassgut Member Bondi
Garruk Wolfstar Member Thrall
GIR Member Thrall
Grimm Wartooth Member Bondi
Grizzly Badgerhart Member Jarl
Grr of the Bull clan Member Inactive
Gunner Silvermane Member Thrall
Isiri BlackThorne Unseelie Queen Member Inactive
Isobel Southwark Member Thrall
Ivan Member Inactive
Jester Member Thrall
Jin Marilove Member Inactive
Kailoreth Member Inactive
Kitty Softpaws Member Thrall
Konrad of the Bull Clan Member Jarl
Kqarin Darkfern Member Inactive
Krenko Whoolsworth Member Inactive
Kuma the Sage Member Jarl
Lady Ellaina Stormborn Member Inactive
Lady Squire Aria Lokasdottir Member Thrall
Laird Frode AshBorn Member Thrall
Levitra Waterfall Member Inactive
Liam Mc'Oi Member Jarl
Lilly Silverheart Member Thrall
Lobster Boy Member Inactive
Lofi Member Thrall
Logan Deathwaker Member Inactive
Lord Gavano Strongback Member Jarl
Lord Kratos Spiritpaw Member Jarl
Lord Locknar Arabath Member Bondi
Lord Spartin Spar Member Jarl
Lupus Nyx Member Thrall
Maxximus Armenius McStimp Member Inactive
Morgana Liverbucket Member Inactive
Navi Member Thrall
Nike Member Inactive
NumbNuts Member Inactive
Pittacus Member Valkyrie
Pyra Member Inactive
Quickson Member Inactive
Quinn Treebourne Member Thrall
Ranpu Dentro Member Jarl
Rayloth Member Bondi
Rheyva Sonnete Member Inactive
Riggz Wolfstar Member Bondi
Rogar Member Inactive
Rohnin Fellhammer of Clan Badgerhart Member Inactive
Rowan Thats Valid Ornias Darksteel Shadeyarrow Wolfsblood Member Thrall
Rowan Wolfsbane Member Waiting in Valhalla
Sagrav Retneprac Member Inactive
Saraphine Evangel Member Bondi
Sethric Member Inactive
Shadow Fox Member Inactive
Shoeless Corvus Member Inactive
Silverwolf Member Inactive
Sinjin Member Inactive
Sir Hitorimono, the Scapegoat Member Bondi
Sirhc Member Inactive
Skjotur PanzerBjorn Member Thrall
Slash Wolfstar Member Inactive
Sossis Member Inactive
Sq. Baronet Lady Alexandrianna Oakenfall Member Bondi
Squire Aishling Earthwalker Member Valkyrie
Squire Lady Akira Rowena Ishtar Wolfsbane Member Valkyrie
Stonelord Fuzz Warbear the Soul Forger Member Jarl
Sunilia Member Inactive
Tandare Member Thrall
Tarow Bloodstroke Member Jarl
Tazz Member Thrall
Tear Wolfstar Member Bondi
Thor Member Bondi
Thyra Wolfsbane Member Thrall
Tiny Member Inactive
Tiny of Jade Hill Member Thrall
Titan Ulfur Member Inactive
Tocharaeh D\'Araesth Member Inactive
Ulfur Croiss Member Thrall
Varley Member Bondi
Vosh Bloodstorm Member Valkyrie
Waldodorf Member Jarl
Zao Member Waiting in ValHalla
Zen Member Bondi