Pathos' Cove

Name: Pathos' Cove
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: "Profundum Ut Meus Telum" ~ The Sea Be My Weapon A haven household for all those with even a drop of pirate blood in their veins even those with sympathy for the piratical flurb; An embassy between sea faring dogs and land lubbin' warriors.
History: Formed in 2009 by certain members of the Crimson Sanctum. Scheduled to hold a camp-out event December 18th-20th, 2009. Board of Directors: Barspurk (Barman) Thorin Njalsson (Resident Viking) The Dread Pirate Wesley (Founder/Piratical Consultant) Lothar (Approver of Things) Hedric (Official Cabin Boy) First Mates: Terrance - First Mate to Thorin Crew: Alleana Gemma Haian Victor Swabbies: Kain


Member Role Title
Alleana Member Crew
Barspurk Member BOD
Dread Pirate Wesley Wentworth, The Member BOD
Duanoct Member Crew
Gemma Member Crew
Hedric Lanscap Member BOD
Kain Member Swabbie
Thorin Njalsson Member BOD
Victor Rovial Member Crew