La Star

Name: La Star
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: House La Star used to meet at La Star Pizzeria after park days, after fighter practices, and/or just because we want to go. Any and everyone was invited to join us. The only stipulations were that you join us at La Star for a meal and that grudges and bad feelings were left elsewhere. We met and recapped the good, bad, ugly, and cleverness that was seen throughout the day. We also had more time to discuss Travel, Garbing, Armoring, Weapon Constructing, Music, Confirming Fighter Practices, and pretty much anything else Amt related.
History: Sauder D Archer, Mikhail, Luna, and Dirk began eating at La Star after their jaunts through Whispering Woods, (rest in peace WW). Soon Mikhail, Luna, and Dirk were eating there after days out at Steel River, bringing new ppl to feast upon that which is LaStar Pizza. The rest is food and history. This House has 6 tiers. (which mean virtually nothing aside from how often a member has joined us). Wimp 1-5 Non Slupher 6-15 Fighter 16-25 Soldier 26-35 Veteran 36-100 Grand Master 100+


Member Role Title
Alona Draconus Member Wimp
Angiel D'Winter Member Wimp
Arrabella of Ravencroft Member Wimp
BCross Member Wimp
Blackfire Moonshadow Member Wimp
boombossa_son_of_bombarta Member Fighter
Brutus of Ravencroft Member Wimp
Countess Catherine d'Avignon Member Wimp
Dawyn of Ravencroft Member Wimp
Drag (Living Dead Gurl) U La Member Non Slupher
Duke Member Wimp
Dusk of Ravncroft Member Wimp
Gaston Member Wimp
Greystorm Member Wimp
Horasse Member Wimp
Ivan The Terrible Member Wimp
J'axom (D'reel Ooza) Member Wimp
Jago Member Veteran
Jeston Ravengaard Member Fighter
Kervaullghn Member Non Slupher
Kydric Member Non Slupher
lavender Member Wimp
Leeda Member Wimp
Luna Mya Hun of Ravencroft Member Grand Master
Meatwagon aka KnifeFightINaPhoneBooth Member Wimp
Mersault Esquire Member Non Slupher
Metalleka Member Wimp
Mishkaya Member Wimp
Night Wolf Member Wimp
Nightwalker Member Wimp
Nonchalaunte' Member Wimp
Nykon of Ravencroft Member Grand Master
O'neal Member Wimp
Ovidius Ivlianus Member Wimp
Panek Auid Chaynglyng Member Fighter
Psycho Scarecrow Member Fighter
Ramius Member Wimp
Rhino of Ravencroft Member Wimp
Sauder D Archer Member Veteran
Seven of Ravencroft Member Non Slupher
Spike Member Wimp
Swordbitten Member Wimp
Syn Member Wimp
Tails Member Wimp
Thor Foe-Smasher Member Wimp
Tiggerwillies Member Wimp
Toast of Ravencroft Member Wimp
Ulric Von Ravencroft Member Wimp
Varrith of Ravencroft Member Grand Master
Wyldecatt Member Wimp
Xanchan Member Wimp
Zelda WindWhistle Member Wimp
Zero Pyros Harkkonen of Ravencroft Member Non Slupher