Name: Ravencroft
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: There are five main tenants of House Ravencroft: Respect, Friendship, Knowledge, Reliability and Communication. And while we may thrive on the role play aspect or the combat aspects of the game, undue drama has no place here. We thrive to better one another through uniting under the Blue Crescent Moon, a moon of new beginnings. This House is very Arthurian in nature in that everyone has a say and will have a place. And while one title may not cover one's skills, that is their role, from the Artist, to the Honor Guard. For more information, contact Mikhail. I_dual_wield@yahoo.com
History: This House was formed in April of 2007. Mikhail pulled most of the Follower of the Wandering Star into a House and reinforced the foundation with aspects from Falcon Tor and Stormwall. "Good times and good people!" is one of the best ways to describe House Ravencroft. "We get shit done"


Member Role Title
(Lexi) Nobile (Baronet) Lady Onishi Alexia Edana O\'Conner Esquire the Schemer Member Emissary to Misty Hollow
Abigor Member Monk of Temple Ravens\' Flight
Alby K'zan Member Barbarians at the Gate
Alexander Axehammer Member Shadow
Amethyst Panther Member Leather Smith
Angiel D'Winter Member Luna's Guard
Arrabella of Ravencroft Member Artists
Artorian Voss Member Captain of the Honor Guard
Bacardi Dark Member Emissary to Diamond Plains
Berserker Overlord Squire Rek Wolffsen Member War Council
Bjorn Banhammer Member Leather Smith
Blazeirene Member Jester
Bloodwood T. Pirate Member Emissary to the Sea
Brutus of Ravencroft Member Munchkinous Destructionous
Callamastia Trash Panda Member Barbarians at the Gate
Calypso Member Head Field Medic
Cervantes (Smiley) SpiritPaw Ironfist Member Spiritual Guide
Cliffton Drake, Baron (Home Slice) Member Honor Guard
Clover of Ravencroft Member Alchemical Cook
Count Thorge Badgerhart M.D. Member Dwarven Regiment
Countess Erewen Badgerhart Member Dwarven Regiment
Coxion Member War Council
Crimson Rose Member Enforcer
Docsi Member Dwarven Cleric
Dopplin Arothen Stormchaser Member Honor Guard
Dorgan Blackfist, Lord Member Barbarians at the Gate
Dusk of Ravncroft Member Tactical Advisor
Echo Member Monk of Temple Raven\'s Flight
Etrigon Hunuwhogod Esquire Member Emissary to Neverwinter
Fade Member Sp'lunkuh/Xpert Skuttluh
Fallyn Dray, Baronet Member Keep Guard
Greystorm Member Barbarians at the Gate
Gutherias Member Ambassador to Falcon Tor
Horasse Member Inquisitor
Jago Member House Arcanist
Jera of the Green Dawn Member House G'nome
Jeston Ravengaard Member Master Arcanist
Kane Borgia Member Keep Guard
Keonee Member Luna's Guard
Kervaullghn Member Wall Guard
Khayle Li of Ravnecroft Member Munchkinous Destructionous
Kronos Member House Arcanist
Lady Ziana Stalrim Member Luna's Guard
Leeda Member House Arcanist
Leona The Old One Member Emissary to Trails End
Limbo Member Keep Guard
Lorell Theldarin-Nemoralis Member Captain of the Keep Guard
Luna Stellar Member Court Bard
lundar Member Honor Guard
Lynwood Member Court Bard
Macron Shells n Cheese Member Guild Contact
Magnitas Du Tyrkahn Member Keep Guard
Malran Singollo Member Emissary to Elven Factions
Meatwagon aka KnifeFightINaPhoneBooth Member Tank
Medicineman Member Barbarians at the Gate
Mersault Esquire Member Keep Guard
Moda, Tamer of the Shrew Member Master of the kinnals
Moose Member Barbarians at the Gate
Mori Clover Member Ranger
Mortyn Member Ranger
Noon of Ravencroft Member Munchkinous Destructionous
Nykon of Ravencroft Member Lord
Ozzyfi Member Munchkinous Destructionous
Page Psycho Scarecrow Member House Scarecrow
Panek Auid Changeling Member House Arcanist
Perrin Member Barbarians at the Gate
Revanent Member Keep Guard
Rhino of Ravencroft Member Munchkinous Destructionous
Roslyn Tul Member Luna's Guard
Seven of Ravencroft Member Master of Temple Ravens\' Flight
Sierra Silverbow Member Sharpshooter
Sinbad Pyros Member Keep Guard
Smegul Goblinheart Member Munchkinous Destructionous
Smyrke Member Smartassticus Asstassticus (translation = House Llama)
Thalen Member Emissary to Seven Rivers Forge
Toast of Ravencroft Member Barbarians at the Gate
Tuam al Culain Member Tank
Ulfr Bloodax Member Wall Guard
Ulric Von Ravencroft Member Keep Guard
Upsidedown Member Monk of Temple Ravens' Flight
Vincent Gestalt Member Ranger
Voshe Member Uber Smithy
Wilhelm Member Honor Guard
Yufuki Yusef Member Emissary to Razor Hills
Zash (Assassin Boy) Member "Guild Contact"
Zenaya Zanzera Member Emissary to Storm Grove
Zero Pyros Harkkonen of Ravencroft Member Court Jester