Crimson Marauders

Name: Crimson Marauders
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: We are actively recruitng again and it makes me happy that not only are there specific players that exhibit the combination of good attitude,fighting ability, and willingness to help out that we are focused on but there are people coming and asking to join. I am proud to announce the addition of our newest members Collin the Red, and Zoticus da Bear bear of Thor's Refuge and Azus of Wyvern's Spur, and Lothar of Eldritch Hills.Our newest members are Monty, Stone, and Artemis entreri all of Westmarch.After a while retired from the game, Sir Syl'Vas has rejoined us. We are a fighting company that looks for someone who has good honor, doesn't mind serving the game and likes a big family. We have a rich history if you are interested read it. I am proud that we inducted Zeaf Druwitch and Obay Songwright today. Grand Duke Sir Euric Bloodstone Proud Marauder
History: Crimson Marauders A history After being used as a pawn in a company Azure Pride then was allowed into a very Prestigious company( Grand Duchess Tawnee Darkfalcon's Starquesting Dragons)I decided I wanted my own company. Being a young Amtgardian I had an ideal of a Big Brawny Barbarian type Company. Thus the initial members were Myself at 6'2" and 285, Savat at 6'4"ish and probably 270 or so (definitely more solid than me), Amar Darklighter( later to become Mustafa Kamal) at probably 6'3" at the time and a good 265 +, Zol of Darkenthal at 6'0" and a Marine Corp solid 245. I don't remember the exact order after that but we took Stone at 5'11" and 245 and Guy at 6'0" and 230 and then I broke form and realized we needed to diversify and Took my first Squire Zendrac of Balushia at 5'8" and MAYBE 135 lbs and in no way barbaric. Not all the fighters were barbarians but most were aggressive and large. Savat and Guy were not barbarians but were scary on the field nonetheless. I always wanted our company to be known for honor on the field and keeping the game fun and still seek that today. It is just a benefit that with the additions and diversification of the company that we are a decent fighting force too. Part of the notoriety of the Marauders comes from at Clan 1 year it was muddy and we went around picking up cars that had slid off the road. The list of current and former Marauders is a roll call that I am sure I will leave 1 or 2 out of but here goes: Sir Euric, Sir Kamal, Sir Guy, Squire Zol, Viscount Savat, Squire Stone, Squire Zendrac, Sir Sylvas, Sir Nomad Fishflinger, Incarnadine Kess, Bruno, Sir Hern, Rapunzel, Rainsong, Sir Jacobi, Sir Moonshadow, Lady Hecate, Fern, Thunderbolt, Squire Arminius, Sir Diego, Sir Bag'em, Sir Nakita, Squire Neon Stormbringer, Dame Taiga, Sir Ren, Gom, Blade, Thor, Van the Ruthless, Sir Archamedies, Erix, Dusty, Rothgar, Vehmous, Mathias, Squire Miri Moondancer, Boaz, Sir Avery, Outlaw ,Page Guyvas,Page Shadobi, Lord Milan Of Amber, Mistress Tweak, LAG, Roshiyu, Bael, Alona Twotrees,Bran,Prozehn,Fox, Thorin, Squib and our newest member Gwydion the Warrior. I am sure that I have left some out and I do apologize as over 13 years you can see there have been 1 or 2 people that have come and gone through our great company. We helped swing the tide in the Saracen raid of Irongate years ago. We have sponsored numerous feasts and tournaments and Nakita has cooked probably 15 feasts in her career in Amtgard and most of those were as a Marauder. The marauders are very active in Evermore Hollow: Lieutenant Ren, Gom, Squib, and Thor. Shadobi, Guyvas and I are very active, fighting in Thor's Refuge and Nakita goes out just can't fight due to health right now. We are still very active, I am Prime Minister Of Westmarch on my second term and Nakita Just completed a term as Regent of Westmarch and is now Guildmistress of Reeves for Westmarch. We are growing right now and I am excited about the future. Sargent Arminius has brought Bael and Roshi into the fold in Cursed Prairie and Milan of Amber, LAG, and Tweak of Siar Geata have joined us as has Bran of Wyvernspur. With the additions of Prozehn, Alona Twotrees,Thorin, Gwydion, and Squib we further our Fighting abilities as well as enforcing the service aspect to the Game we all love. I know there are some interested parties. Watch them as we want someone that fits our family. Welcome to our newest member, Monty the hooded of Thor's Refuge that just received his Master Scout at age 15. Way to use your abilities Master Monty, Fight Hard! Red and blue express Baby!!! Euric


Member Role Title
Artemis WM Member
Azus Member
Azzmianm Member
Bael Veneficus Member
Baron Syl'Vas Firineliesh Member
Bran Member
Bruno Hartog Member
Clenawe Captain Northern Captain
Dame Alona Twotrees Tul Member
Druwitch Member
Grendmar Stonecoat Member
Grim the Happy Death Member
Guyvas Member
Gwydion Member
Jimmy Whitehammer Member
Leper Member
Lothar Bloodeye Member Southern Captain
Milan of Amber Member
Monty The Hooded Member
Obay Member
Perralayth Rogest Member
Ren Member Lieutenent
RoseThorn Member
Roshiyu Duirbaine Member
Scoot the Jolly Green Giant Member
Shadobi Kuethes Euricsen Member
Sir Arminius the Pale-Skinned Member Sargent
Sir Euric Bloodstone Member General
Sir Nakita Member
Skalkeda Dragonslayer Member
Squib Member
Stone Son of Slaughter Member
Teishi Masamura Member
Theria Celestial Member
Thor Member
Thorin Njalsson Member
Tweak Member
Woman-at-Arms Luminaya Member
Zoticus Da Bear-Bear Member