Faery Mafia

Name: Faery Mafia
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: The Faery Mafia is a roleplaying household based in the Kingdom of Dragonspine and we have members at the Barony of Cloud's Edge- Silver City, and the Duchy of Pegasus Valley- Albuquerque.
History: The Faery Mafia was formed in Silver City in the Summer of 2005 and spread to Albuquerque by Winter of that year. The Faery God Mother of the Faery Mafia is Page Fixxn Foxy Mischief. Upon acceptance into the Faery Mafia, members are given their faery name, a ceremonial pewter goblet, and wings.


Member Role Title
Autumn Skywynter Member Faery
Fixxin Mischief Member Faery Godmother
Kyrie Eleison Member Faery/Web Mistress