Nordic Dragons

Name: Nordic Dragons
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: The Nordic Dragons are a small company that stand for the love of the game and fairness on the feild. Everyone in the company is chosen as an initiate because they have demenstrated a characteristic that we admire, and they are chosen as a full fledged member if they continue them, and fight fair. Some members have brought the company into the RP aspect to make it more interesting when it came to rivalries against the Legion. This is a heated topic when it comes to in Character things however it is strictly on the Feild and never taken to an extreme off the feild. Many laughs have been exchanged after the game and all is fine. In a company battle it doesn't matter if we keep our flag or not, the most important thing is that no matter what the situaition we all had fun and can laugh about it afterwards. Hell our sloagan even shows our humur and fun determination : "Down but never out!" If you have any questions you can always contact The Captain through his e-mail (posted above in contact)or on msn at
History: Founded by Page Katarina the summer of 2002 in the Duchy of Wovenfang, the Nordic Dragons began there journey. The Nordic Dragons, or "Dragons" for short, have done our best to maintain a decent image on and off the feild. The Dragons have played host to two successfull feasts that many enjoyed. Battle of the Dens,and the canadian camping event. The nordic Dragons also organized the first booth at Valley East Days which was a success, we were able to get amtgard out in public that we exist and inform others about what it's about. Throughout the years, the Nordic Dragons have gained members and unfortunetly lost some, but no matter our numbers, the Dragons will always stand proud on the feild. Now, in the year 2006, Page Katarina has stepped down and given the title of Captain to a loyal member for over a years time Zera Blackheart, who unfortunetly felt she didn't supply the right amount of attendence and enthusiasm.


Member Role Title
Dréconeo Member Captain
Mariburk Member Initiate
Soren Member Initiate