Black Hands

Name: Black Hands
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: This mercenary themed company is a newly created company. These mercenaries are ruthless, merciless, and greedier than the company they formerly were in. Kemen is in charge of these ships with Runya and Storm strongly at his side. They sail under the colors of Black and Silver with Crimson accents. Death is their friend.
History: Black Hands was originally created after the near fall apart of the company, Peregrine Guard. A few members broke away to be the mercenaries they are. It started with three different parks, Devils Serpent (Western Gate), Crimson Blade (Emerald Waters) and Wolfs Fang(THC). They sail under the flag of destruction.


Member Role Title
Monkey Member Ship Pet
RedWolf Deyame Member First Mate(Wolf's Fang)
Storm Member Captain(Wolf's Fang)