Clan Panurple

Name: Clan Panurple
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: The household of Clan Panurple is a familia; a grouping of gypsies, and those who are friend to them, based out of the Wetlands extending north through the Rising Winds. One does not have to be a gypsy to join, but they must understand and embrace the spirit of these colourful people. This Clan does their best to study the history of the Rom, and role-plays to enhance the atmosphere of Amtgard. The Clan extends as well into the world of Belegarth.
History: Clan Panurple is a Gypsy Clan that was started circa 1998 by Turtle Ironside, then King of Clan Panurple, in the then Duchy of Mushroom Shrine, in the Kingdom of the Wetlands. In 1999 he took a young noob as his son and heir to his throne, Silenthos "Silent" Panurple. In 2008, Turtle stepped up from King to Clan Grandsire, leaving the household to Silent.


Member Role Title
Baku Panurple Member Band Leader
Baronetess Eve Bloodstone Member Sister
Beaux Silvius Member Brother
Dame Alona Twotrees Tul Member Band Leader
Gypsy Blu McOi Member Sister
Jade Panurple Member Queen of Clan
Joslynn Sabala Vahe Member Sister
Onishi Katzushinsei Member Brother
Silent Panurple Member Rom Baro