Name: CuMorrigan
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: CuMorrigan means "Hounds of War" ,We are a fighting company originally formed out of Gryphon's Perch. We formed the company to teach and guide new players in learning the game and becoming better amtgarders in hopes of being noticed by the Kingdom and their peers. Our heraldry is a Gold chevron on a field of Vert, we are the defenders of households in battle. Anyone is allowed to petition, just find a CuMorrigan company member and they will guide you in the right direction. Newbies are welcome. There are requirements, yet they are simple ones. If you think you have what it takes, petition and find out. "Follow your Dreams"
History: Get up and ditch!


Member Role Title
Akio Member Dog
Aldrin Member Dog
Alvar Member Pup
Argh Me Matey Member Corporal / Quartermaster
Athador Member Lieutenant / Chancellor
Azzip Inoreppep Member Dog
Baronetess Eve Member Dog
Baronetess Miki Liseya Member Dog
Beariana Grande Member Dog
Blackbeard Rolof Member Pup
BloodHoof Member Dog
Bobo Dragonsbane Member Lieutenant / Platoon Leader
Bryn Member Dog
Cale Member Dog
Cat Member Pup
Chris Tarus Member Pup
Chuck Member Dog
Codex Member Dog
Crash Member Dog
Cugedhion Member Pup
Darken Rawl Member Dog
Deathric R'azel Shadowmoore Member Dog
Demetrius Lionsteel Member Dog
Diavolo Warsong Member Dog
Dorian A. Gray Member Dog
Draiman Member Pup
Drauka Tempest Member Dog
Ecrinya Member Lieutenant
EricRavenclaw Member Dog
Farron The Wayward Member Lieutenant / Platoon Leader
Foofy Arkain Captain Captian / Commander
Friend Le Orc Member Dog
Garenzo Member Dog
Goblin Member Corporal
Grimorr Member Sergeant
Hecate Member Dog
Jackal Member Pup
Jade Member Dog
Jakuval Member Pup
Jalathas Mera'din Member Dog
Jarrlith Ulfurbloodd Member Pup
Jorgan Vonstrangle Member Pup
Kaboom Member Sergent
Kakamii Member Dog
Karli Anabel Lunah Member Pup
Katarzyna Member Dog
keelgan Member Dog
Ketza Nelari Mera'din Member Dog
Khalfani Member Pup
Kibbey Member Corporal / Firemaster
Kisa Mangala Member Pup
Krash Blackheart Member Dog
Kython Akroa Member Pup
Lady Delphina Darkstorm Member Pup
Lady Lilika Bloodthorn Member Dog
Lemac Xavier Member Dog
Lex Member Dog
Lord Commander Garreth MacThoirdealbaig Lord Lord Commander
Lord Erskine Devlin Member Corporal
Lord Gundro Rasksvard Member Sergent
Lord Haven Kandi Member Corporal
Maeldrew Oakdragon Member Captain
Mahkira Member Pup
Malachai Olcaravzia-Snow Member Dog
Maric Maxim Member Dog
Micklend Touchstone Member Dog
Mist the Rabbit Member Dog
Mitsurugi Member Corporal
Mutt Member Dog
Nenalieal akuma Member Dog
Nevin Member Dog
Nicodemus Member Dog
Nyrea Member Dog
Ormadil Member Dog
Othros Pyr_ Kyrios Member Pup
Owen Aral Member Dog
Parka Member Dog
Phoenyx Lazarus Member Dog
Radix Member Pup
Rakhir Member Captain
Randy Member Pup
Raven Treestead Member Dog
Renshi Thunderstrike Member Dog
Roselynn Hellebore Member Pup
Rowan Stormcrow Member Sergeant
Runcible Member Sergeant
Salmaria Xavier Member Dog
Shieldmaiden Valkyrie Tallemaja Hraustligr Bjorn Esq Member 1st Sergeant / Steward
Silvius Member Captain / Pvy Con
Steinmeister Member Pup
Stormcrow Member Dog
Swoosh Member Dog
Syn RacheEngel Member Dog
Tokare Member Pup
Tree Member Dog
Twitch von squitch Member Dog
Tzkarek, Spawned From the Void Member Pup
Ulfrinn Member Dog
Valmar Necroa Member Sergeant / Armorer
Varl Sinclair Captain Vice Commander
Watermellon Member Dog
William the Scarlet Member Dog
Zane Member Dog