Irish Legitimate Business Front

Name: Irish Legitimate Business Front
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: "Don't ask questions." We are not the Irish Mafia. Never heard of 'em, in fact. The last bloke who came around talking like that, well, we ain't heard from him since. We're not exclusionary. You don't have to be purebred Irish to join. If you don't have *any* Irish in you, we can most likely arrange to have some inserted.
History: Conceptualized by Itsari, who told Abi Cross about the idea. She said "Let's do it." Founded in Itsari's living room, under the premise that "things need doing, and people to do them."


Member Role Title
Captain Jack Cross Member Guard of the Body #2
Countess Clover Ethindale-Tannon, Esquire Member Whore daughter
Delespheron Shadolasher Member Henchman No. B
Doom Shadow Member Lieutenant and Prize Fighter
Duchess Sqr Abiliegh Cross Stormblade-Darkjester del Khahli Member Trophy wife
Itsari Tul Member Don
Kentigern Member Henchman No. 23
Linden Tul Member Henchman No. 42
Luna Starbright Member Henchman No. 13
Mezcantito Member Henchman No. 14.5
Mokushi Aria Cross Member Don's personal assistant
Serena Member Guard of the Body #3
Sir Lord Nightmare Dragonspawn Member Henchman No. 96
Thorvald Penitant-del Khahli Odinson Member Guard of the Body #1
Tink Von Brazilius Member PiƱata