Holy Office of the Inquisition

Name: Holy Office of the Inquisition
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: The Holy Office of the Inquisition is an House of Daemon and Undead Slayers founded by Sir Katzu the Farquestor. Activated to an area by request of the afflicted or based on apparent need, when the Inquisitors of the Holy Office band together into one of their Crusades nothing can stop them.
History: Winter 2007 - The First Crusade. Inquisitor Lord Katzu was called by the Barony of Cursed Prairie to muster the full might of the Inquisition to wipe out a great evil and its minions with EXTREME prejudice. This was the first battle where the faith of the host was so tangible that a pillar of the White Light's fire appeared and an Avenger Angel descended to fight alongside our holy cause. Even finding ourselves split in an incomprehensible maze of a mansion, The Holy Office Prevailed and Goodness and righteousness were advanced that day.


Member Role Title
Alexia (Lexi) Edana Member Laity
Baron Sir Katzu Farquestor Lord Lord Inquisitor - Celestial Kingdom
Cormac ap Tarkus Stormblade Grimwulff MacLeod Member Lord Inquisitor - Tal Dagore
Izzy Crownite Member Laity
Kathrynn Devinue Member Laity
Kenta Member Monk
Kento Member Laity
Kindyr Penumbra Member Redemptive Flame
Kokeiro Arkaine Macleod Member Inquisitor
Liam Mc'Oi Member Holy Vessal
Lord Duncan the Tiger Tamer Member Laity
Maera Halvorsdottir Member Inquisitor
Oaces Zerouvee Member Laity
Tenshi Member Inquisitor