Legio VIIII Hispania

Name: Legio VIIII Hispania
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: The Ninth Legion is a fighting company based in the Freehold of Five Banners, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We welcome new members who are willing to commit to hard and regular physical training with a goal of improving our efficiency as a fighting unit. Nobody-- absolutely nobody-- beat the Romans when it came to systematically picking an enemy force apart with surgical precision and skill! Our group is based upon one legion in particular, the Roman 9th Spanish Legion, which was formed by Julius Caesar and re-formed by the Emperor Augustus. We focus on group battlefield tactics and study the physical machinery of war. Even though we're a new group, and still fairly small, we've organized the Ninth Legion along the lines of an actual legion from the Claudian dynasty: The commander of the Ninth is the LEGATUS, or legate. The second-in-command is the PRIMUS PILUS, or senior centurion. This officer's title literally means "first rank" or "first row," but because of the similarity between the Latin words pilus (rank) and pilum (spear), the Primus Pilus was often referred to as the "first spear centurion." The Primus Pilus commands the PRIMUS COHORT, which is usually the smaller of the Legion's two standing cohorts but also contains a majority of its skilled veterans. The Pilus Cohort is often held in reserve or used to augment the Legion's flanks in large battles. The third ranking officer is the PILUS PRIOR, or second centurion. This title is correctly translated "second rank," but the Pilus Prior was also called the "second spear centurion." The Pilus Prior commands the PRIOR COHORT, which is the larger of the Legion's two cohorts but also contains the majority of its new recruits. If the Legion's numbers permit, additional cohorts may be organized and placed under the temporary command of 'acting centurions' for the duration of a specific event or battlegame. Under these rare circumstances, such units would be designated: -- The PRINCEPS COHORT, under the command of a PRINCEPS PRIOR or "second citizen centurion" (the emperor was the 'first citizen'). -- The HASTATUS COHORT, under the command of a HASTATUS PRIOR or "second phalanx centurion". Generally speaking, when these units are formed, the Princeps Cohort should be made up of more-experienced Legionaries (falling somewhere between the Primus Cohort and the Prior Cohort in size and fighting ability). The Hastatus Cohort should be manned entirely by raw recruits, or even by auxiliaries or allies who are not full-fledged members of the Ninth Legion. Every centurion may, at his or her option, designate another member of their Cohort to serve as its OPTIO, a senior enlisted soldier capable of commanding the Cohort in their absence. New Legionaries serve a six-month probationary period, during which they are known as TRIRONES LEGIONARII and are usually assigned to the Primus Pilus Cohort. After the probationary period has ended, Legionaries are elgible for promotion to MILITES LEGIONARII and can be assigned to any standing Cohort. In addition to the ranks given above, there are also three appointed positions within the Ninth. The AQUALIFER, or standard bearer, is selected by the Legatus and is responsible for internal and external communication and record-keeping. The IMMUNES, or equipment specialist, is selected by the Primus Pilus and coordinates the construction and maintainence of any equipment needed by the Legion. The PRAEFECTUS, or camp commander, is selected by the Pilus Prior and is responsible for event logistics. In camp, all three individuals report directly to the Legatus; on the battlefield, each of these people reports to the officer who appointed them. P.S.- We're well aware that '9' was typically written "IX" in Roman numerals!!! However, the number five ('V') was sacred to Mars, and historically many legions corrupted their number-designation so that it had a "V" in it somewhere. It was widely thought that this would make the god of war smile on them and bring the legion good fortune!
History: Founded February 2008. Still growing!


Member Role Title
Alby K'zan Member Centurion Primus Pilus
Maccalus Caerwent Ex Member Legatus