Tatsu Clan

Name: Tatsu Clan
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: are YOU! bored of being alive? do YOU need a reason for hari kari? well look no farther! not that you could see us anyways, we are always behind you! The Tatsu Clan intends to bring an eastern twist to a dominantly western world of roleplay with the Ninja as our main theme. We imploy stealth tactics on and off the battlefield, but we are not without a sence of honor. Anyone out there who needs reliable soldiers, spys, assassins, or thieves we have your back... for a price. The Ninja Council Members are: Nakadai, Ninja of Shadow Lit Vire Moon, Ninja of Grass Jebus, the Sexecutioner


Member Role Title
Azerin Member Spec. Ops.
Cody Member Grunt
Kormac Member Council Member
Kuro Kasai Member Council Member
Lit Member Council Member
Tim Member Grunt