Great Sea Alliance

Name: Great Sea Alliance
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: this is an alliance between captains. only captains may join this alliance. This alliance states that all members shall band together if war is declared upon them. This alliance also declares peace between all members of the alliance.


Member Role Title
Admiral Anne Cash Member Captain Anne Cash, Captain of the Phantom Skull
Captain Jack Cross Member Captain Jack Cross
Duchess Sqr Abiliegh Cross Stormblade-Darkjester del Khahli Member Captian Abiliegh Cross
EOHNNI VonWolf Member Captain Jolly Jim
Molly Mallone Member Pirate Queen Molly Mallone, Captain of the Queller
Page Phaedre Member Captain Izzy Jones
Seamus Aeislin Member Captain Seámus Aeislin, Captain of the Emerald Tide
Sir Colin Archibald the Tempered Member Captain Poulet of da Shiney Rope
Wunjo Ballo Member Captain James Hamus, Captain of the Zephyr