Stix Mada

Name: Stix Mada
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: "Piliage. Plunder. Defend Your Brother (or sister)." Yarg, Matey. Who would have thought. No, not the fact the Froggie started a compnay. (I know what your thinking....) We are a Fighting Company of Pirates (so to speak). Based in the Kingdom of Dragonspine, we fight hard for what we believe in. There is possibility of Recruitment. Feel free to contact me. A small site is in the works, so be patient.
History: Group formed: September 2007 Group Founders: Squire Froggie, Valos Current Captain: Squire Froggie First Mate: Man at Arms Ryshad Navigator: Page Morrza Ships Stow-away: Man at Arms Puggy


Member Role Title
Ambassador Crimson-Froggie Member
Annabellee Member
Caveman Member
Flint Member
Koiasha Member
Puggy Member
Red Beard of Ravensholm Member
Wolfgarn of Ravensholm Member