Green Dragons

Name: Green Dragons
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: The Green Dragons are a fighting company primarily based in the Emerald Hills. We also have members in Dragonspine, Blackspire, The Wetlands and The Celestial Kingdom. The Green Dragons primary focus is fighting, but we also accept members who excel in the Arts & Sciences and in leadership and service.\r\n\r\nOur device is a green and black macrame belt.\r\n
History: The Green Dragon Guard was formed in 1993 at Clan from members of the House of the Green Dragon and Purple Cow. Soon after the House was dissolved for various reasons and only the Company remained. Members of the company have served in various park and Kingdom level offices over the years.\r\n\r\nThe Green Dragons have also been World Banner Wars champions multiple times.


Member Role Title
Adem Martel Member
Adiderak Member
Alby K'zan Member
Alden Wyrmclaw Member
Amethyst Panther Member
Aquanette Beauxregard Member
Auromax Silverhawke Member
Bjorn Banhammer Captain
Black Page Member
Blaise de Morray Member
Blitzkrieg Member
Brocktree Von Joshington Member
Calvin Member
Carla Carla Carla Member
Chance Member
Connor Sleight Eladmarye Member
Contessa Terreis Winternite Member
Corsy Savitar Member
Countess Lily FaceWrecker Member
Craven Coward (Juju) Member
Crickett Member
Dame Lily Sumac Member
Doomblossom Member
Eala Member
Egg Shen Member
Everlast of Buttercup Member
Famous ***** Member
Faunna Drachenblume Member
Forest Evergreen Member
Gale Windrunner Member
Ghost Member
Gramalkin Member
Hellnurse Member
Hrast Member
Ivar Nefarious Member
Jaithe Member
JuJu Hex Mojo Member
Karasu Michel Member
Kentigern Member
Laars Member
Lief McPayne Member
Lisael Member
Lucas the Lost Member
Magnitas Du Tyrkahn Member
Maliki Member
MIM Shroom Member
Myadeeb Member
Nuance Member
Octavius RAVEN DarkTigger Member
Pepper Fox Member
Polar Bear Member
Radiant Mortyn Member
Rook Member
Rowan D Chinchillington Member
Santiago Member
Serendipity Member
Solace Member
Spork MacPhoon Member
Talen Member
Tarkas Member
Tool Member
Uncle Joe Member
VooDoo Hocus Mojo Member
Wallflower DarkTigger Member
Wings Member
Yahoo Shroom Member