Wandering Unicorns

Name: Wandering Unicorns
Type: Company
Url: Website
History: The Wandering Unicorns came into this existence March, 1983 C.E. At first we were only four brothers of the blade, fighting in common cause. Later, others began to find their home in our circle. Always striving with the highest ideals for ourselves and the lands of Amtgard, we faithfully serve the Dream. * Sir Nashomi the Lone Wolf * Sir Heimdale the Ha'valli * Sir Deth the Direhearted The Unicorns have a proud history. We were the 4th company-household in Amtgard. Of the first 6 Monarchies, 3 were Unicorns. Of the first 4 Knights through combat skill, 3 were Unicorns. The first Prime Minister, Warlord, Weaponmaster, and Grand Duke of Amtgard were all Unicorns. Of the 4 responsible for creating the Burning Lands, two were Unicorns. We were present at Clan I. The qualities of the Unicorn are mystery, strength, and compassion. An elusive and noble being only glimpsed within the forest. Only with the purest of desire can a unicorn be approached, and once touched, its essence travels forever with you: You have been transformed. To those would travel with us, understand the choice you make. Our journey is not an easy one, but you will never be alone once you enter the Circle The banner of the Wandering Unicorns has many meanings. The black unicorn head suggests a being of mystery, something from the unknown. It is a creature that is rarely seen, and if then, merely a glimpse or shadow. The gray of the background is the twilight between day and night. A unicorn stands between worlds, neither fully in reality nor in the realm of dreams. The essence of the Unicorn is within all true and honorable defenders of Life. The Wandering Unicorn family exists beyond the limits of blood and common ancestors. Our bond is a spiritual connection that binds us together through our friendship and our passion for life.


Member Role Title
Asmund Heimdale Haroldsson Member Captain
Dr. Lord Miles Ookami Member