Kumori Clan

Name: Kumori Clan
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: I am the end of all evil, justice will have it's blood. I am called by noble causes, honor is my seal. I am without form, without weakness or emotion. I am the light that precedes death, and remains thereafter. I am everything and nothing, everywhere yet nowhere. I am the shadow upon the wall, seen and unseen. I am strong and yet flexable, both in body and in mind. I am the student of my teacher, faithful yet free. I am of the clan, from now until my end. I am Ninja. This is the rank system installed within the ninja clan. You start at 9th and work your way down. The ranks with a single number mean that you need to gain that level before advancing. The ranks in groups mean you can collect them out of viewed order tho the group must be complete before advancing. 9. Rookie- Gakuto. No stripe, given to new members. 8. Teamwork- Chi-wua-ku. 7,6,5. Stealth- Suterusu. Combat- Konbatto. Espionage- Supaikoui. 4,3. Solo- Dokuen. Leadership-Shudou. 2. Teacher- Sensei. 1. Master- Shukun.


Member Role Title
Aylanda Hycis Miniwinkle Member Ninja 4th Class
Dhain Member Ninja 9th Class
EOHNNI VonWolf Member Clan Leader
Kitt Rosewood Member Ninja 6th Class
Nightclaw Member Ninja 9th Class
Ray VonWolf Member Ninja 2nd Class
Thrdar Member Ninja 2nd Class
Trinn Panero Member Ninja 8th Class
Xallition Member Ninja 8th Class