Dark Harvest

Name: Dark Harvest
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: Dark Harvest is a Rising Winds Fighting company dedicated to maintaining effective fighting ability without getting overly serious about ourselves.
History: Dark Harvest formed in the summer of 2007. We named ourselves after our colors as our first attempt at not taking ourselves too seriously.


Member Role Title
Amir Member Member
Battlemaster Kaadiart Hearts AnaMayn Member Member
Bullvide Member Member
Cinnamon Member Member
Elixir Member Member
Falias Gilrak Member Member
Lord Ramar Valkin Member Initiate
Nichtmar Member Initiate
Oof Member Initiate
Rune Member Initiate
Sir Anavrin Member Member
Sir Kain Elverez Member Member
Tri Fairweather Member Member
Xsaga Kurai Member Member