Society of the Anvil and Crucible

Name: Society of the Anvil and Crucible
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: The Society of the Anvil and Crucible was created to provide a forum, support and mentorship among crafters within Dragonspine and greater Amtgard. Like a guild, our purpose is to gather artisans, knowledge, and techniques, and to share them. As knowledge is shared, our individual craft will improve. However, unlike a guild, the intent is NOT to make this knowledge secret. Members are encouraged to share their skills with other interested parties (via A&S nights, tutorials, etc with other interested parties). While the original concept was to focus on foamsmithing of weapons, it has expanded to other related crafts like armoring, garbing, battlegame props, and field engineering (siege weapons!). Do you like to make things for the field? Do you want to learn? Are you an expert? A novice? This household is for you!
History: The first concept of the Society of the Anvil and Crucible was formed in late 2019, shortly before the plague of SARS-COV-2 reared it's spike-covered head to darken the lands. Kenjin had desired a vehicle by which the weaponsmiths of Arizona (originally, then broadened to Dragonspine and beyond) could join and share ideas, methods, techniques, and practices to further elevate the art of foamsmithing in the Kingdom. However, since then, the scope has increased to accept all relevant crafts. At some point, it is intended to have Society Concords, where members gather in a frenzy of making, showing, and telling.


Member Role Title
Kenjin Lord Founder
Yang the Merciful Member Member