Disciples of the Faded Veil

Name: Disciples of the Faded Veil
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: This household is for disciples of Swords of Excessive Size. It's totally not about compensating. GIANT SWORDS ARE AWESOOOOOME! (NOTE: It's also not just about swords. Other oversized weapons like greatclubs, hammers, and other mondo weapons count, too) Whether you're a foamsmith who enjoys making them, or a warrior who enjoys using them, this household is for you! The meaning behind the name is one of the First Secrets of the Disciples.
History: During March of 2022, the foamsmiths of the Kingdom of Dragonspine went through a phase of constructing several Excessively Large Swords (and one greatclub/kanabo). Weapons of Excessive Size have many adherents in the Kingdom, even if they are sub-optimal on the field. I created this Household to support these artisans and warriors and the fun that is BIG CHOPPY SLASHY SMASHY..


Member Role Title
Kenjin Lord Founder
Mune the Dragon Tamer Member Disciple
Preston Pollard, Esquire Member Disciple
Yang the Merciful Member First Disciple