Church of Clippy

Name: Church of Clippy
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: Clippy is the being responsible for rebirth throughout Amtgardia, his flames restore us all for eternal combat!\n\nFind his religious text spread throughout the many kingdoms, commonly known as the Amtgard Rules of play.


Member Role Title
Abigor Member Grand Vizier Chef of Clippy
Alexander Blackwood Member Tyrant of Clippy
Amser Member The Diviner of Clippy
Art Von Fibonacci Lord Inquisitor of Clippy
Arthur Blackwood Member Minister of Clippy
Chuckles Member Grand Jester of Clippy
D Member Monk of Clippy
Dawn Pazitor Member The Risen of Clippy
Dyth Nightblade Member The Nightblade of Clippy
Enodus Solus Member Tyrant of Clippy
Iocabus Wulfrock Member
Jago Member Bookmaster of Clippy
Jeremies Nehmith Member The Prognosticator of Clippy
Kildaar Elketh Member Sword of Clippy
Kloud Member Squirrel Protector of Clippy
Lothar of the Hillpeople Member Hill Person of Clippy
Moose Member Ork smash of clippy
Nykon of Ravencroft Member Loudmouth of Clippy
Obscuridad Member Priest of Clippy
Orcfather Yawp Khan the Banished Member Genghis Khan of Clippy
Preatorian Lauxus Stormtide Lord Bearer of the Word
Radiant Mortyn Lord Great Paladin of Clippy
Shrooms Mycelia Member The FunGuy of Clippy
Sir Drakel Pazitor Member Great Provider of Sustenance of Clippy
Squire Evanovich Fickett Lord
Tibbers(mud) Member FOR THE FIREBALL
Yura Member The Observer of Clippy
Zanatos Shadowmane Member Wolf Brother of Clippy
Zaza Witherspyke Member Herald of the Messenger