Name: ERA
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: A collection of players who run events to share experiences and offer assistance to others.
History: Founded by Tegan after GAC 2021


Member Role Title
Aki Lovelight Member
Archduchess Duchess Baron Squire Lorde Kai Darkjester Clayd, Esquire, Warden of the West Member
Archduke Rickas Emmet Member
Calaun Dawnblight Member
Docheim T. Lightbringer Member
Gavano D\'Ingillo Member
Gheldar Blackthorn Member
Kymera Member
Lord of the Morning, Squire Tegan Morningdove Lord Founder
Lumpy De Starmount Member
Pittacus Evangel (+Titles) Member
Shortcake Von Schweetz, Countess Member
Sir Zike McNasty, The Wanker Banker Member