House of the Trickster

Name: House of the Trickster
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: Small household of sell swords under the guise of an entertainment troupe. Bright colors and charismatic shenanigans give way to shady dealings, hushed trading of information, and the occasional disposal of problematic individuals. Their services don't come cheap though as the house isn't after gold and riches, but instead information, lost artifacts, and knowledge long thought lost. These things further the troupes entertainment value, and anything not of use to them is always welcomed by Scholar's and scribes alike in the vast halls of the libraries of Scholar's Stronghold.
History: Started as a humorous household in 2021. Founding members of the house are Lord Jac'koo the Mad, Lady Ahuic (Captain & co-founder), and the mighty warrior Beau all of Scholar's Stronghold in the principality of 13 Roads. Motto: "May the Trickster smile upon thee"


Member Role Title
Ahuic Dawnblight Captain Co-Founder
Amethyst RockSmasher Member
Beau Dawnblight Member
Calaun Dawnblight Captain
Chaka Shadowpaw Member
Delafae Member
Jac\'Koo the Mad Lord Founder
Marquis Godric T Ravenyard Member
Peanut Dawnblight Member
Selora Dawnblight Captain
Steff of Haven Hills Member