Demon Hunters

Name: Demon Hunters
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: There are 3 ranks in the Demon Hunter, in order of importance, Hunters; Enforcers; and Initiates. The unit is run by the Hunters Council. The Council contains 5 members referred to as Hunters. Next are the Enforcers, who make up the main body of the unit. They enforce the will of the Council. Finally are the Initiates, who represent pledges to the unit. Rules 1. NO CHEATING 2. NO DISRESPECTING OTHER MEMBERS 3. NO BREAKING MUNDANE LAW WHILE AT EVENTS OR PRACITICES
History: This Company was made to find the most unique fighters of the land. However it became a starter company to newer players, to help them grow as fighter or crafters alike.


Member Role Title
BAN Member
Brutus MemeLord Captain
Kalcifer Member
Leon Member Kneecapper
Leon of Rivia Captain
Man Bun Member
Man Heo Vanni the Knight Slayer Captain Founder
Penguin Captain
Pockets Member
Ragnar Member Forever a member
Thangor Member
Thorson Member