Conclave Of Loremasters

Name: Conclave Of Loremasters
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: A household that encourages the following:\n - Roleplay in battlegames \n - Discusses Quest ideas \n - Creates and studies lore from other \n companies or character backgrounds\n - Engages in politics to give flavour\n during major events to add entertainment\n - Strategizes in ways to become better \n spellcasters and increase wisdom.\n
History: This household was originally formed to preserve the Eternal Testament of Nazuruth to act as an open minded household rather than a company with strict rules and harsh punishments against accused heretics. Seraphicious, the Bishop of Nazuruth has wisened up to realize that burning heretics wastes good knowledge and skill; whereas listening and learning from adversaries can become more beneficial to the future of a benevolent society.


Member Role Title
Adorth Captain
Arduan Felsong Member
Dawn Member
Ghraeghorius Khaenosius Member
Locke Holmes Member
Matthias Schaffurion Captain
Mavros Xiel Member
Rin Ozara Member
Seraphicious Lord Founder
Victor Drachen Member