Dark Glory

Name: Dark Glory
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: We are a 4 directional household in regards that we respectfully "mirror" the knighthood paths. We learn, we mentor, we grow!!


Member Role Title
Alira Moonstone Captain Oracle/Treasurer
Baron Aaross the Blind Captain Crown Captain
Baron Thalion Othar Captain Serpent Captain
Baronet Lord Whipping Boy the MaDD Master MaA the Inexhaustible Shadow Boxer Esquire Lord Dark Lord
Emelma River Reade Member Thrall
Farron The Wayward Member Thrall
Flame boy Member Thrall
Hecate Lord Dark Princess/Head Enforcer
Holonor Valley The Tormented Esquire Member Sacrifice
Horus of Elam Grimwulf Member Friend of
Jade Member Sacrifice
Lady Cora Inshu Captain Oracle/ Housekeeper
Lord Erskine Devlin Member Thrall
Maeldrew Oakdragon Member Sacrifice
MaGhoul, Lord Sloth Member Thrall
Master Virexx Esq. Member Thrall
Maurus Haldron Captain Sword Captain
Mutt Member Honorary/ Alliance Leader
Pickle Rick Member Thrall
Squire Banneret Dominus Pittacus Evangel Captain Oracle/Ork Steward
Thorhalla Carlsdottir af Broberg Member Thrall