Order Of The Sword And Claw

Name: Order Of The Sword And Claw
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: The Order of the Claw is a Amtgard Household/Guild that Hunts and kills monsters
History: Time is nye and Foul beings our preying upon the citizens of amtgard who will slay these beasts and underworldly things well fear no more There is a Monster Hunter Guild that slay anything from the Dor un avathar to home conjured. We are the Order Of The Sword And Claw We can track them down and Slay them to save our realm.


Member Role Title
Blinx Of The Void Member Hunter
Mudpaw Member Commander
Nick FireStarter Lord Commander/Cofounder
Raokan Member Hunter
Viktor Belmont Lord Commander/Founder
Zariel Member Hunter