The Dirty Pirate hookers

Name: The Dirty Pirate hookers
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: We are a service household dedicated to helping make events and amtgard in general just that much more fun.
History: It started at corination of 07 when three girls at gate were making a stamp...when one loud voice yells from the dark "what about dirty pirate hookers"and it all just went from there.


Member Role Title
Baronet Lord Thalyn den Macros Member man-ho
Greyden Laith Member man-ho
Kislip Mormont Member The undead monkey
Lady Demonika Member hooker
Lord Squire Master George Member man-ho
Luthir The Bastard Member man-ho
MaA Anastasia Petrov Esquire Member Madame
Pandora Borealis Member hooker
Soldan McManus Member Pimp
Velvet Skye Du'fallen Member Madame
Zelit Macros Member Cabin Boy