House Aureus

Name: House Aureus
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: House Aureus is dedicated to the advancement of Roleplay within, and between, the Kingdoms of Amtgard. In combination with the encouragement of dedicated leadership by House members, House Aureus aims to help sustain Amtgard as a whole. This focus is driven by the desire to help maintain and improve Amtgard's experience for the new and future generations by providing an optimal basis for roleplay. While doing so we also aim to continue a proper and enjoyable experience for the generations that came before them.
History: 2019.10.16: House Aureus was formed by Master Tyraenis Aureus the Cruel, of Knight's Rest, within Tal Dagore. 2019.11.08: House Aureus supports The Witch's Hold in the Invasion of Felstrand. Felstrand falls. This Mark's House Aureus' first event creation and participation.


Member Role Title
Aishling Earthwalker Captain Ambassador Aspirant
Archduchess Duchess Baron Squire Lorde Kai Darkjester Clayd, Esquire, Warden of the West Captain Ambassador of the Winds
Arjul Member
Bighead Cachinnate Keeper of the Crescent
Branard Member
Demetrius Lionsteel Keeper of the Staff
Godspeed Member
King Aureus Everdong Member
Lord Tregod Galdrwrought, Justice of the Broken Lands Captain Ambassador of the Winds
Serenadi Loot Member
Tyraenis Aureus, Master Lord Beholder
Valec Corso Member