Platinum Dragons

Name: Platinum Dragons
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: We are a house dedicated to friendship. All our members are expected to exhibit a strong sense of bretherenhood to their fellow Dragons. We strive to carry ourselves with honor and dignity on and off the field, and show such to all we meet. The dragons are a group bonded by friendship both on and off the battlefield. We show one another loyalty to the death. We are a freelance group for the most part. We specialize in search and capture tactics. But most importantly we are all about having a good time no matter what we are doing. Our ranks start at hatchling, and as a member shows improvement, they progress through juvenile, adult, wyrm, and great wyrm. We also have titles to describe a member's general role in the Temple of the Platinum Dragons.
History: The Platinum Dragons were formed by Dothias "The Wylder" of Silvermoon during the 2007 summer season.


Member Role Title
Dothias Member Great Wyrm
Formyandor Angel Fenrir Member Dragon
Kalus Member Wyrmling
Kilm Member Wyrmling
Nevldren Member House Weaponsmith
Xanatos Member Hatchling