House Flora

Name: House Flora
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: House Flora is a household for plant enthusiasts. Its purpose is to provide an environment for like minded people to share their knowledge, and to help promote more use of plant related sciences in A&S and the like.
History: Founded July 17th, 2019


Member Role Title
Abitha Abbola Absinthe of the Abyss Member
Baronet Birch Dandilion Member
Bonnie The Broken Wench Member
Dame Lilith Fleurose Lesonette the Cat Herder Founder
Drustan Twotrees Member
Encaterina Scarlet Member
Gale Stronghammer Member
James the Strongbow Member
Katherine Member
Kazu Mercades Member
Knives Member
Lady Deltoria Katar Member
Maeve Member
Radiant Margrave Stephiroth Thingsdoer Member
Rouff McFurnathem Member
Rue Member
Sefton Sly Member
Sir Marcus Bjornson the Inevitable Member
Sir Tiril the True Member
Sylas Member
Vignette Delacour Member