Name: Sentinels
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: We are Sentinels. We stand for honor and fraternity on the field. Our colors are black and white, showing that there is no grey area where honor is concerned. Our symbol is a red eagle. It is bold and represents our strength and passion.
History: Started in August in 2010, by Thalen Tannon and Kittah Rahbet. The point of the company is be a force for good in a growing sea of outlaws, pirates and mercenaries. After trying his hand in several companies, Thalen decided that the only way to find the perfect fit was to start from scratch. After gaining the support of Kittah and Mousey Cantankerous, they proceeded to recruit new members. Mouse left the company soon after it's formation. :(


Member Role Title
Abiliegh Member
Friday Member
Kalene Member
Kittah Rahbet Member Dark Overlord
Siuan Amathera Member
Skittles Member
Thaco Member
Thalen Tannon Captain Founder
Willow Thundervoice Member
Wynndal Member