Pirates of the Silver Moon

Name: Pirates of the Silver Moon
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: Pirates of the Silver Moon, or The Silver Moon Pirates. Caption: Orihs of the Crossroads. (Image is a placeholder)
History: The Pirate crew aboard the Artemis, (named after the Goddess of the moon, and the hunt), is lead by Orihs of the Crossroads. We trade in all sorts of exotic goods, foreign, and domestic. We aquire our products through any means necessary, some less savory than others. See anything you want? Don't bother dirtying your hands, have has us get it for you! Everything has its price, and anything that can't be bought, is taken. Why be burdened by the laws of less, "Adventurous" men? We have a seat on the Merchants Guild, and have ties with, very, powerful people. Care to set sail?


Member Role Title
Orihs Captain Founder