Bitch Witch Stitch Niche

Name: Bitch Witch Stitch Niche
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: BWSN is the merging of witches that don\'t give a fuck and fiber arts of all types. We don\'t expect people to be super active or anything, we all have busy lives, but we do try to help each other in our relative crafts. Spells and stitches galore!\r\n\r\nFacebook:\r\n\r\n
History: Founded in May 2019 by Lady Qadupae Weatherwax Aching.


Member Role Title
Beatrice \'Mouse\' McNikle Member
Dame Hazel Coppermane Member
Dead Fox Member
Diabla La Roja Member
Eclipse Bloodmoon Member
Lady Qadupae Weatherwax Lord The Crone
Phoenix Member Rising Flame of the Sutured Soul
Sabine Stabswul Member Creator of Fiber Familiars
Ythierea Member Know Fool