Rebels of Blackwood

Name: Rebels of Blackwood
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: A large loosely organized family of gypsies from Blackwood Forest. Were a close knit group of Rom existing on many different levels in the game. Were a household and a managerie of different Accomplices, Advisors and Fools. We have a dance troop of wonderful ladies that perform belly dancing in the gothic style, one may even be fortunate to catch an act or two out on the dance floor. Among our family we are also lucky enough to have a few glorious craftsmen and women that sell there ware along merchants row and at times down the paths of Tanglewood Forest.
History: Formed around July, 2007. Our company was originally founded by 2 wayward pirates who left on a journey that would eventually strike them out on there own. Creating a Fighting Company in the ways there family and their pirate teachers would have always wanted. We have a rocky road ahead of us in this Kingdom in order to be accepted for the Rebels we are. But we accept that challenge and only grow stronger through it.


Member Role Title
Fenris Member Head of Household
Fidget Blackwood Member Familiya
Lord Squire Dochtav Ravenscaw Member Familiya
Panthra Maya Member Familiya
Quazi Mofo Member Pariah
Raven Member Pariah
Snappy Member Familiya
Strider Member Pariah