House Atlas

Name: House Atlas
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: House Atlas is a service household based out of KCG. We are named after the Greek Titan who was responsible for holding up the celestial heavens, and as such, we strive to hold up our kingdom and its people through our service.
History: Founded April 17, 2019


Member Role Title
Arden the Extra Member
Aster the Monstrous Member Trial
Bagel Member
Baronet Squire Stephiroth Member
Bowlgod Lesonette Member
Countess Aelin Eliot the Goldweaver Member
Emaleth Member
Fer Member
Feren Member Trial
Grainmag Everfrost Member
Kazu Mercades Member Trial
Lady Lilith Fleurose Lesonette Lord Founder
Lord Rellik Esquire Member
Meatball Member
Mrs. Bones Member Trial
Piper Lesonette Lord Founder
Rowan Flores Member
Ser Jynx Mercades Member
Sir Hitorimono, the Scapegoat Lord Founder
Sir Pharoah Member
Sixx Member Trial
Skeletrex Member
Therine, the Starcatcher Member
Tithenmamiwen (Teeth) Member
Vignette Delcour Member Trial
Xiomara Tordunvaer Member Trial