Archons of the Storm

Name: Archons of the Storm
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: "Long lay still the ashes of an ancient battlefield, whereupon once was waged a mighty war. It was here that a legendary order of knights, the Knights of the Storm, made their final stand. Warriors of phenomenal power, masters of spell, song, and sword, this once-revered order met their untimely demise. Thier bones have rested beneath the scorched field for eons, untouched by all and forgotten by most. Forgotten, that is, until now. The deep ashes begin to stir as the forsaken souls of the fallen orders rise to once again display their godly power, walking the earth as fearsome deities; the Archons of the Storm..." -Lerakos, Master Scholar of the Old Orders We are the spirits of magic, we bear the souls of knights, we wield power that turns aside blades and bows. We are the Archon of the Storm. A company for all things battlegame, spell/skill craft, and battlefield prowess with more than a sword. Welcome to the Archons. 'Not a fighting' companyâ„¢. Power overwhelming!


Member Role Title
Achilles, Esquire Lord Vanguard / Grand Warrior
Duke Thorkel Hrafnson Member Adept
Elaric Member Adept
Kredik Lord Vanguard / Grand Scout
Lady Anouk Nallrina,Task Master Captain High Vizier
Lord Lucifer Nikolai Dragonsboon Member Adept
Lord Squire Calexial Lord Sentinel / Archwizard
Stavros Lord Sentinel / Archhealer (pro-tem)
Thomas Owainnson, Page Member Adept
Valora WilloWood Member Adept