The House Deathbrand

Name: The House Deathbrand
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: A band of men and women with a history soaked in bloodshed. Welcoming to new comers but quick to test by the blade. We stand together in a fight and teach any who should be so willing to learn. Be it making new blades or ripping the enemy apart The Deathbrand home excels in it and can teach it Stand with us to learn and become better alongside fellow brothers and sisters as we slay enemies and teach them to remember the name Deathbrand
History: It all started on a day with the skies black as night. The rain swept heavy against a lone mans shoulders as he returned home. Alas the young man found his home in flames and his wife and daughter dead and yet still warm with a blade in his wife's heart. As the man started to weep and search for his son he heard a scream ring out followed by his boy running into the door holding a blood soaked arm and a bleeding heavily from his torso. Two men followed the boy in holding blades and smiling. The man felt a rage burning deep in his chest and leapt forward pulling the blade from his wifes chest catching the men off guard he slaughtered them both. Turning back to his boy he dropped the blood stained blade and grasped him tightly,his son whispers to him and tells him they attacked the village and the men followed them home and with a last gasping breath passed in his father's arms. It was that very day the name Gaven Deathbrand would take a new meaning The man swept up the sword that had killed his wife and headed towards the village consumed by rage. Along the way he slaughtered every enemy in his path and banded the survivors together. As they rushed to the village they found it in flames and the enemy looting the bodies of the men and women they called friends. As rage consumed the future Deathbrands. The rushed forward into a long and bloody fight pushing the enemy out of the village and rallying the few left alive to join them in battle. In the fields behind the village the bloody battle came to an end. As Gaven stood before the enemys leader with his blade buried through the mans chest he screamed aloud and made an oath to the gods that he would never stop fighting until the day he found the man that orchestrated this attack. The surviving men gathered around and dropped to their knees vowing to serve under the Deathbrand name And thus the legend began. Of the house of men followed by death himself. From that day forward they were known as the house of Deathbrand. And to this day they leave a trail of blood and the stench of death everywhere they travel Its said if you find yourself in battle with a deathbrand, you should make peace with your gods


Member Role Title
Gaven Deathbrand Lord Founder
Grognin Member Brand of Beginners
Pablo Greencard Member Brand of Beginners
Raxtus Member Brand of Beginners