House Sparkle

Name: House Sparkle
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: House Sparkle is a group of individuals who are bring the "Sparkle" back to the game. Through service, classes, and Epic awesomeness.


Member Role Title
Aeris Darkflare Lord Seacrest Sparkle of Song
Berric Member
Codename Project MidNite Sparkle Lord Lady of the House, Sparkle of Inspiration
Dicky Member Sparkle of Smash
Dusk Lord
Gundar Member Sparkle of the Forge
Lady Atannus Captain
Lady Ziana Stalrim Member Sparkle of Snark
Laur Dragon Member Sparkle of the South
Lirael Harkonnus McKrotch Member Sparkle of Soap
Mokushi Aria Cross Member Sparkle of Creation & Death
Myrkul Lord Sparkle of Bones
Robyn Joy Ozrael Lord Sparkle of Everlasting Youth
Sir Grand Admiral Anne Cash Captain Sparkle of the Sea
TalathaLin LostFen (Talapia) Member
Whipsy Member
Wolftit Member
Wunjo Ballo Member
Xion Snow Member