Name: Navigators
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: The Navigators are a household in Amtgard dedicated to the enrichment of the game. In doing so it is our intent to give aid and/or advice when we can. Our membership is comprised of Amtgard members who wish to help not only the game itself but those playing the game as well. In each thing we do always ask yourself, “How will this enrich the game or its members?”
History: The Navigators are fairly new having been created the last quarter of 2005.


Member Role Title
Azmandius Member The Sword
Catriana the Abrupt Member Quartermaster (Navigator Fourth Degree)
Rexfelis LXIX Member Quartermaster (Navigator Fourth Degree)
Salina Moonglow Member Seaman (Navigator First Degree)
Sir Soram the Elder Member The Sextant
Warbird Member The Compass
Xugx Quetoxi Member Seaman (Navigator First Degree)