Hollow Landers

Name: Hollow Landers
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: This is the Household of the founders of the Hollow Lands who wish to keep and uphold the traditions of the Hollow Lands.
History: After vampires decimated the valley in the northern outlands of the Burning Lands Kingdom a mall group of survivors banned together to vanquish the Vampire Clan and their king. They found the vampire lair hidden deep in the caverns surrounding the valley and took the King Vampires flaming sword as a trophy and founded the Shire of the Hollow Lands. The brother of he King Vampire took his revenge on the Shire while all were sleeping and only a managed to escape. They formed a household to keep the traditions of their home land alive. They now travel on their separate paths waiting for the day they can return and reclaim their homeland.


Member Role Title
Reisling Member
Reisling Member
Sangriel Lord Founder
Umbriel Member