The Order of the White Light

Name: The Order of the White Light
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: The Order of the White Light seeks out and destroys evil and neutrality, which is basically just evil enabling. We are in the midst of our second Crusade, which did begin on December 16 2018! In our Second Crusade, we shall smite the likes of these evils, including but not limited to: the manipulative Red Wizard of Pegasus Valley, neutrality, Assassins, and Anti-Paladins
History: The First Crusade - Expulsion of neutral assassins from the lands of Pegasus Valley September 28 2014 - January 1st 2015


Member Role Title
Alkene Member Recruit - 2nd
Anatole Stroke Member Fallen Crusader - 1st
Artyr Member Crusader - 1st
Bai Hu Andalsa Prime Stroke Member Crusader - 1st
Balder Lance Stroke Lord Grand Master
Demyx Lionheart Member Recruit - 2nd
Dominus Member Crusader - 2nd
MacGyver Craftywhacks Member Crusader - 2nd
Mireloth Member Crusader - 1st
Nyrian Member Recruit - 2nd
Odvar Haraldsson Member Crusader - 1st
Questopher Thoticus Member Recruit - 2nd
Sari Draconis Member Master at Arms - 2nd
Scarlet Member Recruit - 2nd
Silent Member Recruit - 2nd
Warlord Belthil Lord Grand Master
Xantcha Aligheri Razorback Member Master at Arms - 1st
Zannah Regnum Lord Grand Master