Dragonriders of Dragonspine

Name: Dragonriders of Dragonspine
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: Dragon Riders are a household of people who have traveled to every park in the Kingdom of Dragonspine after 5/26/18. Charter membership: MacGyver, Kierra, Impulse, Psych, Nyrian. Galiator joined shortly after.
History: The Household Emerged from this announcement by King Bai Hu II: Announcing the Dragonriders initiative! 10 Days of Dragonspine! It seems only one riding the magical beasts could possibly visit all of our fair and far flung lands, but we have Dragons and we have Riders, so let’s do it! In your quest to complete your training and become a Dragonrider, you will visit all 10 parks in Dragonspine between May 27th and November 3rd (Maize Maze Coronation). To help you in your quest, the 10 days of Dragonspine will also begin on May 27th. Beginning on that day, King Bai Hu II and his traveling court of awesomeness will begin visiting every park. From May 27 to June 5th, every day will be a visit to a different park in Dragonspine to deliver the stamp for the parks to use to indicate a Dragonrider’s attendance. Most of these visits will happen in the weekday evenings, to accommodate drive time for the caravan and give us the best chance to see people! The schedule is outlined below. Sunday May 27th: Stormfall Mesa regular park day (we will arrive around 2pm) Monday May 28th: Cloud’s Edge 6pm MDT Tuesday May 29th: Obsidian Gate (meeting at Reid park) 6pm AZ time Wednesday May 30: Wyvern’s Roost 6pm AZ time Thursday May 31st: Sun’s Haven 6pm AZ time Friday June 1st: Glass Fjord Highlands 6pm AZ time Saturday June 2nd: Pegasus Valley (late arrival to regular park day) Sunday June 3rd: Wyrmspire (late arrival to regular park day) Monday June 4th: The Duchy of Dragonspine 6pm MDT Tuesday, June 5th: Mountains of Elsrum 6pm AZ time Wednesday, June 6th: THE DEMING SHOWDOWN! This special event can count as either a stamp for the Duchy of Dragonspine or Cloud’s Edge. Stay tuned for the park we will meet at for this location at 6pm MDT Pics will be posted in each group as we attend to allow local PMs to enter attendance credits for the local park. Attendance at a park does not count until they have received their custom stamp during the 10 Days of Dragonspine. The emphasis here is on completing the set of all 10 stamps and posting fun pics of our experiences at each other’s parks. Inspirations for this initiative are the passports that have been run in several places, including our kingdom, and the stamping tradition I fell in love with on a visit to Japan last year. I’ll post pics of the books I found on Amazon to do this with myself and the ones we used in Japan (once I find them). Feel free to use whatever you want to have stamped. The stamps for this initiative are larger than we used for the King’s Guard quests, but could be stamped on a regular 99cent notebook or a tunic or a belt favor. You could use space around it to have folks at the park sign your book. or add pics of your favorite battle game that day. Be creative and share what you’re doing on our facebook groups! All official Dragonriders will compete to become Dragonrider Lancers, the highest order within this elite corps, and will serve as King Bai Hu II’s Captains of the Guard at his final court. Candidates for this honor will be chosen according to visits accomplished during this period, creative fun posts and videos, and the input of the Monarchs and people of the land. Let the Challengers Come Forth!


Member Role Title
Bai Hu Andalsa Prime Stroke Organizer
Galiator Member Official Bard
Impulse Ehve Member Charter Member
Kierra Tinywhacks Ald Member Charter Member
MacGyver Craftywhacks Member Charter Member, Organizer
Nyrian Member Charter Member
Psych Member Charter Member