Saracens Tribe Latrosheen

Name: Saracens Tribe Latrosheen
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: Tribe Latrosheen of the Celestial Kingdom Saracens are a group of like minded individuals who thrive on camaraderie and helping each other.


Member Role Title
Bacon Quoren Starduste Captain Founder
Fenris Midgaardsbane Lord Chieftain
Gillzer Captain LT Logistics
Lirael Maerad McKrotch Captain LT War
Lord Valador Delacroix Member S
raquellia mckrotch Member S
Sir Wilhelm von Eisenwald S, Former Chieftain
Skuld Nyxin Lucille Midgaardsbane Westcraven Starduste Member TI
Xavier McKrotch Member S