Amtgard Slytherins

Name: Amtgard Slytherins
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: We are the cunning, driven Slytherins. Join our ranks, and become the best you can be. Join us if you possess: Resourcefulness Cunning Ambition Determination Self-Preservation Fraternity Cleverness


Member Role Title
Aerindel Dracov Member Prefect-Wetlands
Aloysia Saint Maverick Member
Appolyon Aurelius Deluria Member
Braug Ogheir Captain Head Boy
Brolem Diamond Strength Tree Boulder Member
Krussk Kneeslasher Lord Head of House
Lady Jae Captain Head Girl
Sigrun Opal Judgement Tree Aberlona Member Prefect-Neverwinter
Tempest Noodleman Member Prefect
Tripod Member Prefect
Vignette Delcour Member
Xhorja Wladomyr Borghikov Member