Sailor Senshi

Name: Sailor Senshi
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: This group started as me just wanting to make favors for people I thought embodied scouts, but it has turned into more those who represent the game well and who want to have a community to be involved with. Each member is chosen because we are bad ass and amazing people in the game. Members are expected to be active to their best ability, as well as represent us in a positive light whether that be fighting, service, community, politically, etc. Many of us scouts (especially us who self identify as women) are expected to be represented as positive role models for other women and players in Amtgard while also representing an open and inclusive environment for all players regardless of how they identify and what their backgrounds are.
History: Started in 2015 by Lady Suki. So far, our amazing members include: ♡Sailor Mars- Asuka Nosaka (founder) ♡Sailor Jupiter- Jayme Bax (Emerald) ♡Sailor Mercury- Monica Hastedt ♡Sailor Uranus- Alex Misset (Promethea) ♡Sailor Pluto- Luis Cueva (Sinew) ♡Sailor Venus- Kiara Everwhacks ♡Sailor Chibi Moon- Amber Paje Matthews ♡Sailor Saturn- Anna Metz ♡Sailor Neptune- Brittany Lopez □Tuxedo Mask- Adam Harrigan □Queen Beryl-Faith Fayrer □Sailor Star Fighter- TBD □Sailor Star Maker- TBD □Sailor Star Healer- TBD ☆Luna- Shannon


Member Role Title
Suki Lord Founder