Legion of the Storm

Name: Legion of the Storm
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: Mundane Summary: The Legion of the Storm is House hold within the LARP game Amtgard. We are focused on a sense of family and community, with a goal of improving ourselves, our community, and our game. While we do plan to eventually compete in events as a group this is not a mainstay of the group. My hope is to create a House hold that becomes a second home to all those who join us. All members of the legion are family, we look after, educate and train each other and improve together in and outside of Amtgard. That being said is also a house hold that looks after, watches over and helps improve the community around us. As we are a new group our power to influence the world around us is minimal but as we grow in numbers and in strength of character it is my plan for this group to contribute more to our community and volunteer in and outside of the game. As a member you are free to be in and join other households and guilds so long as you are still available to help when help is needed and are still dedicated to being a member of the legion and helping us grow. RP SUMMARY: The Legion of the Storm is an army powered by a strong faith in this world. Members of the legion praise and give worship to the Great Sky Deity, The Thunderbird, a six-winged eagle of monstrous proportions with the great and awesome power to control nature around us. Believers of this faith and members of the legion believe that there are two sides to this great deity of the sky. The first is a side of preservation and restoration, the great bird brings the rain that wash away the blood and sweat of righteous men, rain that feeds the crops and is the elixir of life. The Second side is one of Wraith and Ruin, the great bird brings wild winds that can tear through the land itself and lightening to smite the cruel and wicked of this world. The Faithful dedicate their lives to the legion and through the legion service to the world as a whole. Abbreviated: LotS Sacred Symbol: Thunderbird Colours: Sapphire Blue, Gold and Silver Home Park: Stormfalls Mesa
History: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2033867736849120/about/


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