The Silver Fang

Name: The Silver Fang
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: We are a company based in Silver Moon, our primary goal is to take in newer players, teach them to fight both as individuals and groups, and send them out into the big bad world to wreck! Our company looks not to retain members forever, but help them reach the point where they are highly desirable by other companies. We are more of a military school, than a long term military.
History: When Lord Gannon Silvermane looked out and saw the people defenseless before the Dreadlord Torg's wrath, the monsters of the deep wood, and the raids from other holds, he said no more. Lord Gannon commissioned I, MAA Kalahan Ridgeborn, The Bear of Silvermane, The Shield Dipper, to form a militia to turn the tide against the darkness. He bestowed upon me the title Harbinger of the Silver Fang, and told me to RISE. Next Lord Gannon himself joined the fight taking the title of Harbinger of the Silver Fang as well. Lastly we contracted a local ship captain, Grahm, to become the first of our navy, bestowing upon him the title of Harbinger as well.


Member Role Title
Grahm Captain Harbinger